Das Zubehör von Emil


Drolli (Little Raven's Head)

The Drolli® does not just look amusing, it is also an ideal twisting aid for small children's hands. Particularly when combined with the Emil 0.3l, which also prevents turning thanks to its 8 sided bottle and Iso flask shape. The Drolli® is made of food-safe plastic (PP) which is completely free of plasticizers and other harmful materials. The colours are also certified as being food-safe and safe for children. The Drolli ® is also suitable for many of the standard water and juice bottles available.


Sporty drinking valve cap made of PP (polypropylene), absolutely free of softeners and harmful substances. The drinking valve opens with a quick tug and fits on all Emil beverage bottles (except for baby bottles). The cap keeps bugs out and is dishwasher safe.

One-way Valve Cap

This cap is precisely fitted to our Emil bottles. We only guarantee absolute seals and leak prevention with this cap. It is also suitable for carbonated beverages in Emil. It consists of PP (polypropylene) that is absolutely free of softeners and harmful materials, is dishwasher safe and is decorated with the Emil logo.


The practical bottle belt for travel. Nearly all commonly sold water bottles can be quickly removed and returned to the Easy-Clip-Off. If hung like a purse or messenger bag, your drink is always ready-to-hand. You can even drink from the bottle when it’s clipped on. Belt width 25mm—adjustable length 40–80cm.

The Emil-bicycle bottle holder is available in 2 sizes. Size 1 fits the bottle sizes "Baby-Emil", 0.3l and 0.4l and size 2 fits the Emil 0.6l.
It is made of solid plastic with an aluminium bracket and is continuously adjustable. Easy to mount on a bicycle or pram, includes screws for a hole spacing of 6.5cm for easy screw attachemnt.

Drying Stand

Optimally suited for daily bottle cleaning, hygienic, flexible, practical. 2 parts, made of PS (polystyrol), dishwasher safe, with an under-plate for drainage and suitable for all Emil bottles, baby bottles and other sports bottles (Dimensions: H 5.5cm; L 26.5cm; W 11.5cm).

Bottle Brush

Especially well-suited for narrow bottle necks. Very stable, dishwasher safe and made of nylon with a length of 40cm including the hanging hook.

Bread Boxes

In many trendy colours and two sizes. The large bread box with its practical adjustable divider (Dimensions: L 15cm, W 11cm, H 5cm). All box sizes are made of PP (polypropylene) that is absolutely free of softeners and harmful substances, dishwasher and food safe and with a practical click closure.

Glass Bottle

Available in the 0.33l, 0.4l, 0.5l and 0.6l sizes as well as baby bottle size (incl. nipple/nipple ring/cap). Special properties: The 0.33l is square and creates a secure stop in the square sleeve, which is especially helpful to small children. The 0.4l and 0.6l glass bottles have an engraved “flower of life” —this is an old and traditional symbol of life and energy. Thanks to the slight hexagon grinding on the 0.4l and 0.6l sizes, the bottles are especially handy and will not roll away.

BottleProtector©/Insulating Sleeve

The insulating sleeve is Emil’s multi-functional component. On the one hand it protects the glass bottle from breaking and on the other it insulates the liquid inside the bottle. It works with both cold and warm beverages. The insulating sleeve is available for sizes 0.33l, 0.4l, and 0.6l and is made of highly stable PP (polypropylene) that is absolutely free of softeners and harmful substances, as well as completely recyclable. The insulating sleeves for the baby bottle and the 0.5l sizes are made of PS (polystyrol).